2 Fighting Machines

We receive requests all the time from individuals and companies who want to use our Lamborghini’s for photo shoots. We normally deny such requests because our schedule is far too busy, and it takes a lot of time to put a photo shoot together.

HOWEVER, once in a while a request will come through that grabs our attention! And that was the case with Tiffinie Leanne.  Tiffinie is not your normal model. We received a request from Tiffinie who was interested in using one of our vehicles to help diversify her modeling portfolio. Tiffinie explained how she had started a modeling career several year ago, but had to put it aside for a while. She is now hoping to resume her modeling career since her obligations are almost complete.

You see, …Tiffinie joined the Army in 2007 when she was 19 years old. Her first duty station was Fort Bliss, Texas where she worked under the 4th Brigade, 1st Combat Division. From Fort Bliss, Tiffinie deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) 2009-2010. When she returned to Texas, Tiffinie received orders to move to Fort Stewart, Georgia. In 2012 Tiffinie deployed once again, this time to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) 2012-2013.

Tiffinie is an aspiring model who is finishing up the last few months of her Army career in order to pursue her passion for modeling. We salute Tiffinie for her service and all the other Veterans for defending Freedom!

It was an Honor for us to help Tiffinie pursue her dreams. We wish her the very best!!!


Tiffinie receiving her promotion.

Army Girl 005

Modeling with the Aventador near the Skyway.

Army Girl 007

Darryl Wilson Photography photo –  Tiffinie and the Aventador.

We would like to Thank “Darryl Wilson Photography” for donating his valuable time. He took all the photos of Tiffinie.


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