On Saturday 10/12/13 Lamborghini Sarasota joined “The Darkside Empire” Car Club from Tampa, and visited the Bradenton Motorsports Park Dragstrip. It was a beautiful day for races and several car clubs were in attendance. The car show judging started at 11am and ended at 4pm. The winners were announced at 5pm.

Lamborghini Sarasota took 2 of the dealership vehicles. The Black 2012 Aventador and a White 2013 Gallardo Coupe. The Gallardo was entered into the car show while the Aventador was just placed on display. And as usual, the Black Aventador was a “show stopper.” It had a crowd around it all day.

Several staff members from Lamborghini Sarasota were on-hand to greet people and answer any questions folks had about the Lamborghini’s and the brand. General Manager, Darrin Chrisman shook a lot of hands while Lamborghini Technician, Matt Lankford explained all the “technical” features of both cars. Event Coordinator, Mike Spurlock also helped with a lot of picture-taking!

Several of the Staff from The DuPont Registry were also present and let the Lambo Staff relax with them and share a lot of food & drinks. It was a very hot day at the track, and very busy!! A good crowd showed up to enjoy the days festivities.

A BIG THANK YOU, to the Darkside Empire Club and the DuPont Registry guys for the great hospitality. Lamborghini Sarasota appreciates it!

1/4 mile time

The Aventador getting ready to run the 1/4 mile!


1/4 Mile Side Shot

Running the 1/4 Mile before the track officially opens


The Lambo Pit Crew with Darkside Empire.

The Lambo Pit Crew hanging with Darkside Empire Club


Getting the Gallardo ready

Matt Lankford getting the Gallardo ready for the Car Show.



The 3rd Saturday of every month means “DuPont time!” So, last Saturday Lamborghini Sarasota once again invaded the DuPont Registry’s Car Show.

Lamborghini Sarasota Technician, Matt Lankford and Event Coordinator, Mike Spurlock both attended the show. Matt in the White 2011 Performonte Spyder, and Mike in the 09 Flat Black Wrapped Murcielago.

It was a very crowded show with 100’s of people on-hand to inspect all the exotic vehicles along with the American Muscle in attendance. The show runs from 7am – 9am. It’s a short show that starts early, but is free and always attracts the area’s BEST vehicles!

If your a car lover, then make sure to place the DuPont Registry’s Show at the top of your “to-do” list! You won’t be disappointed!

Both the White 2011 Performante & The Black 09 Flat Black Mercy are available for sale @ Lamborghinisarasota.com

09 Mercy

The 09 Flat Black Mercy for Sale @ The DuPont Show.

Yellow & Black Mercy's

An 05 Yellow Mercy & the 09 Flat Black Parked together.

Horsepower for Hope’s Car Show took place this past Saturday at the Van Wezel Performance Art’s Hall. Over 100 cars were on-hand and several venders to help keep the crowd cool! It was a very “hot” day, and the “live” band pumped out great music all day long.

Some of the dealerships who attended included:

-Lamborghini Sarasota

-Dimmit Rolls Royce / Bentley

-Mercedes-Benz of Sarasota

– Suncoast Porsche/Audi/VW

Everyone had a good time and we look forward to next years event.

Horsepower for Hope

Lamborghini Sarasota’s Display at Horsepower for Hope.

Horsepwer for Hope

A couple of “Beauties” with our Beast at the show.

Horsepower for Hope

The 2013 Gallardo & 2012 Aventador @ Horsepower for Hope

Famous Film & Comedy Actor, Ray Romano recently visited St. Pete for the film premiere of his brother’s movie, “The Investigator.” The movie premiere & screening took place at “The Palladium,”

A designated St. Petersburg historic landmark, The Palladium Theater was built in 1925 as the First Church of Christ, Scientist. It is a Romanesque Revival building designed by Howard Lovewell Cheney, who also designed Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National Airport.

Lamborghini Sarasota was invited to showcase 2 Lamborghini’s at the movies premiere. Lamborghini Sarasota CEO, Victor Young – who himself is an avid movie-maker, agreed.

The night got off to a bad start with the power knocked off by a blown transformer in the main St. Pete power station. The power outage took out all the electrical power to most of the entire downtown area to include The Palladium. Guests gathered around outside viewing the 2 lamborghini’s on display and taking pictures while waiting for the power to be restored.

After a 2-hour delay from the power outage, Ray Romano arrived with his entire family. He was very nice and took pictures with anyone who wanted one. Mike Spurlock, with Lamborghini Sarasota talked with Ray for a few minutes and actually got Ray to try out the 2012 Black Aventador! He climbed in and took a seat behind the driver’s seat.

Lamborghini Sarasota would like to thank Ray Romano for his kindness and taking a few minutes of his valuable time to see what the Lamborghini brand is all about. Ray and his entire family were very friendly, and Mike Spurlock appreciates the few minutes Ray spent with him. We wish Ray and his family the very Best!


Getting the lambo’s setup for the movie premiere. The Investigator movie poster is the middle banner.

Ray Ramono

Famous Actor Ray Romano arrives for the premiere.

Ray Romano in Lambo

Actor Ray Romano checks out the 2012 Aventador with Mike Spurlock from Lamborghini Sarasota

Lamborghini Sarasota is proud to be a sponsor of this years “Cars & Couture” Event taking place Friday, October 18th, 2013. The event is benefiting “Autism Speaks,” a charity helping Autism patients.

As a sponsor of the event, Lamborghini Sarasota participated in a Fashion Shoot for the up-coming magazine that will promote & showcase the show’s Couture Fashion and Exotic Cars that will be on-hand for display. Lamborghini Sarasota provided their 2012 Black Aventador.

The photo shoot took place in downtown St. Pete. Luxe Fashion Group Executive Director / Publisher, Dona Crowley arranged the photo shoot with the photographer and 3 beautiful models wearing a sampling of the couture fashion.

Everyone had a great time! And the black Aventador looked awesome with the beautiful women.

Lamborghini Sarasota would like to thank Dona Crowley from Luxe Fashion Group for the opportunity. It was a wonderful partnership, and we look forward to working together again in the future.

Take a look at a few of the “behind the scenes” photo’s taken by Mike Spurlock – Lamborghini Sarasota’s Event Coordinator.

all 3 girls

A “test” shot of all 3 girls together

white dress

Beauty & the Beast!

red dress

The photographer & Model hard at work


Taking a quick break while setting up the next shot

mike & dona crowley

Luxe Fashion Group, Dona Crowley with Mike Spurlock, Lamborghini Sarasota.

Lamborghini Sarasota once again traveled north to Tampa, to attend the monthly DuPont Registry “Cars & Coffee” Car Show.

It is a monthly show that takes place every 3rd Saturday on DuPont Registry’s property . It has gained quite a following with people coming from all over the Tampa Bay area to include folks as far away as Venice and North Port.

The show is sometimes rather short, with people departing at 8:30am. The show is advertised to begin at 7am and concludes at 9am. The show regularly draws around 300 cars of all types.

Technician – Matt Lankford, and Event Coordinator – Mike Spurlock, both from Lamborghini Sarasota, took vehicles to the show. Matt brought a 2011 Black Gallado Spyder and Mike took a 2012 Black Aventador. Both vehicles looked similar in that, they both had black exteriors and both had yellow/black interiors. The Gallardo was nicknamed “Bumble Bee” while the Aventador is known as the “Black Widow!”

The Aventador  or “Black Widow” was very popular with the crowd! As soon as Mike pulled up, the camera flash bulbs started going crazy! The Aventador’s are always HOT at these shows! Everyone LOVES them! Grown-ups and kids alike can’t get enough of them! And for a good reason, they’re one of the most exciting exotic cars on the market today.

Lamborghini Sarasota is proud to attend these shows and get up-close & personal with the public and show them what the Lamborghini Brand is all about!!

Read more about The DuPont Registry’s Show here! http://autofluence.com/for-fun/cars-coffee-for-fun/dupont-registry-cars-coffee-8172013/

The "Black Widow" - 2012 Black Aventador

The “Black Widow” parked next to the coffee booth


“Bumble Bee” in the VIP parking area

Saturday morning, August 3rd – Lamborghini Sarasota once again traveled over to our friendly Suncoast Porsche dealer. It was another Saturday of “Cars & Coffee.” Lamborghini Sarasota was again invited to attend and took over a Black 2012 Aventador. It was one of the “favorite” vehicles to attend and always draws a crowd!

It’s a great local show that is generating a lot of excitement! The show seems to be growing each and every time. if you’ve never stopped by, make sure to put the first Saturday of every month on your calendar for Suncoast Porsche/Audi.

Lamborghini Sarasota would like to again “thank” the Suncoast Porsche/Audi Staff for their hospitality and their friendship!!

Black Aventador

Our 2012 Aventador @ Porsche’s Cars & Coffee

2012 Aventador Black

Everyone Loves the Aventador!